The Jeff Paul scam: "Shortcut to Internet Millions"

If you search "Jeff Paul" / "Jeff Paul Scam" / "JP Internet Millions" on Google, you may find a number of websites that seem to tell the "truth" about Jeff Paul's Shortcuts to Internet Millions. Unfortunately, these sites are likely trying to separate you from your money. If you look closely, these sites are populated with affiliate links. Affiliate links allow the marketers behind these sites to be given a commission for each sale they generate. Affiliate links present a huge conflict of interest as it is in the marketer's interest to say anything to generate a sale. They are being paid to be shills for the items they are trying to sell.

All these sites are scams. This includes sites that claim to answer the question about whether or not Jeff Paul's product is a scam. And it includes the ones that "warn" you about online scams like Jeff Paul's Shortcuts to Internet Millions, and then try to peddle a different scam. Don't be suckered by any of these sites- marketers will lie and say anything to generate a sale. There are no shortcuts to Internet millions (except in being shills for other people).

The unfortunate truth is that you shouldn't trust a lot of the information you see on the Internet.

"There's a sucker born every minute."

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